Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crash in the rain storm!

Now not a car crash, but rather I crashed. Like so tired that I couldn't keep up my side of the conversation. My head kept falling to the table in the RV. And it was raining outside. In wind driven torrents.

Well lets go back in time to yesterday morning, when I left for Lake Ozark. It was an overcast day that looked as though it would rain any moment. Getting to the lake was just the ho hum three hour drive that it always is. I go the rural farm to market roads, as they are the most direct route. Not necessarily the quickest but rather the shortest.

Travel around the lake on the West side, on highway 5, seemed like the slow boat to China. Folks were doing their 'Saturday to the market' drive, and no one was in the hurry that I was. I had to be there before they closed at 3.

I made it, and went in to the service department. The service manager again did not recognize me, nor did he remember the rig and problem. After shuffling some service tickets, he said oh ya its done. Sign this blank warranty ticket. Didn't even have my name on it.

As we left his office he pointed to the service storage lot and said its out there! That was the sum total of my interaction with the staff of Quality RV. I went by myself into their lot, found my rig and hitched it up. Could have taken any unit I wanted, as nobody was watching. Not much in the department of personal service. Like none what so ever! Cold impartial, and uncaring, comes to mind.

So I drove back to KC with the RV. This time it took 4 hours or more as the rain storms began in earnest. I arrived home by about 6PM.

Loyce was ready with everything stacked to put in the Rig. We just opened the back door and stacked it all inside the door. We were only going about 30 miles or so, to Lawrence, KS and the Clinton Lake Core of Engineers campground.

On the way out, we decided to stop at the Wal-Mart in Lawrence and buy some further groceries for supper, so we checked in about 8PM.

Now it did begin to rain in earnest, with high winds. It blew the skylight cover off of my son's motorhome. And flapped the vinyl tent ends of the other son's expandable. It caused the condensation on the inside to rain on them most of the night. They were awfully beat this morning. It was only 44 degrees when we got up, as the rain had come with a big cold front.

We did have a nice mothers day brunch this morning, as the girls cooked pancakes and eggs with ham and cheese. The kids played in the park on the rec equipment, and rode their bikes like mad all over the CG. I'm sure the other campers were more than glad, when we finally packed up mid afternoon.

So as I sit and reflect on the whirlwind campout after 9 hours of driving, and the cold rainy wind storm, I think we did it all in the name of fun!

So happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, and maybe you got more sleep last night than we did. But we think we had fun, just the same.

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