Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday a day off!

We had the three year old grand daughter here yesterday and then overnight. We played most of the day. Grandma took her to the park, and we watched kids movies. It was fun, but she went home this morning.

So for the first time in the past week, we do not have one of the kids here. So I called it the day off! We are kicked back doing more adult things, which for me is computer time on the internet. Read up on a few blogs, and send a few emails.

We are hopeful that we will be on the landscape guy's list for the watering system installation this week, but have not received any communication from them. They have been paid half the money and we haven't heard one thing since. It has rained every week, and this week is no exception, as the forecast is for more rain again.

Still, I would think they would at least call you as to their plans. Try to make you feel that you are not forgotten. Time will tell!

We also have not heard from the RV folks in Linn Creek, Mo. They are the Jayco dealer, that sold us the Jayfeather trailer last summer. We took the unit back because the breakfast nook is pulled away from the wall in the slide out. The slide flexes enough to cause the seating to rip away from the wall it is attached to.

The service manager said he had to see what Jayco wanted to do with our problem. He was to send pictures and call me back when he knew something. So he must not know anything yet, because we have no call. So spring will slowly become summer, and the RV will be at the dealer.

Perhaps all these things will come to needing attention, the week I am going to Dayton. That will be a week from this Tuesday. I can't hardly wait. Never had a bad time at the Hamvention!

Instead of just sitting here and wondering how this will all come to pass, I should go do something. Fertilize the yard or clean the garage. I'm sure I can get into some kind of trouble!

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