Friday, May 30, 2008

A slow day again.

I did go over to the car warehouse in mid afternoon and take Chris to lunch. We have a favorite Mexican place in an old Pizza Hut building called Mi Pueblito. They had Fajita special today, and boy was it good.

They start with the usual chips and salsa, but I ordered the special right away. Chicken and Beef mixed fajita. Most places grill the meat by its self but at this joint, it is peppers and onions and red peppers all grilled, served with fresh flour tortillas. And a second plate with salad, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice and beans. Wow was I stuffed.

That was lunch, not hardly, more like a farm dinner. The mix of chicken and beef also was fried with fresh garlic, as Tioga George would say, Man O Man!

Beyond that, we spent some of the day working on a remote control for the cable TV box. It would work on some things but not all. After a phone call, and the cable tech telling me to push buttons, we determined it had gone South. So the four mile round trip to the cable office, got us a new one. Since they provide the box with the service, it was a free replacement. Now we are back in business.

Loyce puts it thru its paces, but I seldom watch much TV any more. Seems to be a waste of good internet time. LOL

Its past midnight again, so I will post this and get off to bed.

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