Monday, May 5, 2008

Irrigation man arrives!


They cut the cable that provides telephone, cable tv, and the internet! We are off line to the outside world. Cell phone still works, and the repeater router is connected to a neighbor that isn't secure. You might remember I use the repeater to acquire internet when we are in an RV park that has weak wifi. This open neighbor must be at some distance, since his signal is very weak.

I had hoped to tell how good things were going! LOL!

Posting this thru the distant connection will be scratchy so I will stop here and write more if we get back on our own router.

6:30 PM

They didn't call back on the cell phone. Claimed they called, but the person on the phone didn't know about any service outage. I assume because of a wrong number. So they will not fix it today.
"Maybe tomorrow, we can look into it" I was told.

So we are without service for tonight, except for my clandestine internet connection, and a cell phone. Maybe rabbit ears for the tv. Come back tomorrow and we'll know more then.

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