Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This job is real!

This car auction is becoming a real job! I am learning that it doesn't matter what I think of the cars at the auction, only what the buyer will perceive as he walks up to the side of the car.

Or in our case, what it looks like on the internet. The only time I will ever drive the car is on the way home. Or on the way to a repair facility to get some form of reconditioning. So selecting the right cars becomes even more of an art.

With that in mind it was back to the auction lot again today to preview more vehicles. Its getting like a broken record with no ending. That's why it is a real job, like work. Heck I thought I retired.

This morning it rained again. It rained enough to set the irrigation system to the off position, due to the rain sensor. So I know that it is working correctly. Also I set the two a day program back to once a day. The grass has grown much taller since I fertilized last week, and the rain is healing the knife cuts into the ground.

Still big dead spots where they had it dug up for days in a row. No amount of rain and fertilizer is going to fix those areas. They will just have to slowly grass back over. I will need to mow again this week if it ever stays dry long enough to do it.

Nothing else going on here as I need to go to bed as the auction will get me up early.

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