Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fast and Furious

Things are coming at us fast now! We have to be ready to leave the house on Tuesday morning for the week in Dayton, Ohio. But we have so much to get ready before then.

Loyce see's this trip as something that I want to do and therefore is not committed to the project. But then lets remember, this is a week out with the boys. And it might help if she were going along and not just me. So naturally she is just ho hum.

But the RV is done in Lake Ozark. So today I am headed to the lake to pick it up. They said they had no room to store it and wanted it out of there. And pretty much in just those words. Ah warranty work is always a pain. They can't charge as much for it and really do not want to do it.

It is the same almost everywhere, but boy were the camper folks down in Texas nice about it. And they didn't even sell the thing to me in the first place.

Also the rest of the family is already out in the local campground at Clinton Lake, Kansas. So when I get back here, I can head right over to the campground. Its a Core of engineers lake just South of Lawrence.

So I will hang up this laptop for now and head out to get the RV.

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