Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its almost over!

And just like that, the show is almost over. It lasts for two days plus the setup day, and some of Sunday, before we have to leave.

We are on daylight saving time and Eastern time zone here in Ohio. So right now even though it is 8 PM, it is bright as day outside. We will go to the hamfest, tomorrow by seven in the morning and leave by 10:30.

However, that is only 9:30 back in Des Moines. So we really are leaving in time to drive all the way back to Iowa. It will be almost 8 PM when we get there. It is a draining day of just riding along, hour after hour.

I have been informed that my reporting has "informed on" one of our group, about his purchase arrangements. Larry's wife Jean reads the blog on most days, and she knew immediately that I was describing her husbands purchase activities. Way to go Jean, keep him honest. But the stuff he is bringing back is quite a bit smaller than what we took out.

But, I must now admit that I made a major purchase yesterday as well. The GPS that is in my truck is a 2001 model. That is an eon on electronic equipment life. So, I just had to have the Avmap 5, that matches the Kenwood radio system. Now most GPS's are under $300, but of course, the one that matches the radios is twice that, so I am done shopping at the hamfest.

Well until tomorrow when we have to leave, and get all that last minute stuff.

So were outa here in the morning! I'll report on the trip in the next blog.

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