Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain delay

Its Wednesday morning, and it again has chances for rain. So no irrigation folks will be coming today. They didn't come yesterday either. They claimed that they tried to call but we didn't answer. So then they emailed.

A.....dah..... didn't you folks cut the cable to our house yesterday? We have no phone and no internet. And no cable tv either! Remember. Well no they didn't remember. How dumb can these folks be?

The good news was that the cable was patched about 2:30 PM yesterday and we got all of the services back. We are really reliant on the connection to the outside world now days. Yes our cell phone still worked, but the rest of the things we are so used to, were just gone. Over one little coaxial cable!

Barely had time to reflect on the reconnection, as it was off to the auction to look at cars. We found some that we may bid on this morning. So we are headed out to see how this week will pan out.

May come home with something and if things are too high, may just pass on the whole deal.
Time will tell.

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