Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in KC

It is a long way from Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio to Kansas City, Kansas. I did make it in one day, well less than a day, it only took 22 hours.

We got up in Dayton, at 5 AM, which was 4 AM central time. We went to the show by 7, their time and did our last minute shopping. Some folks had big purchases in mind and others had odds and ends they hadn't completed. But at 10:15 we were loaded and on our way.

It doesn't take too long and you are in Indiana, but the trip to Indianapolis seems to drag. So I fell asleep. As did others, and dog gone it, we drove right by Flying J where we usually stop for Buffet Brunch. So when life hands you lemons, we made lemonade. We dialed in Cracker Barrel into the GPS and it took us there. And it was good too. Maybe better than Flying J, but a welcome change as well.

The trip seems to go on forever, as we ran out of new topics to argue over. We struggled to make one of the APRS transmitters send out our position, but discovered that the GPS on it was disconnected, in the rat's nest of wires under the radio seat.

We had some large cabinets to deliver to a ham in Bloomington, Il and found his place of business fairly easily. But the 200 foot tower next to his building made it a lot easier. We got to see his ham repeater and his trunked public service repeaters, as well as numerous vintage import cars. He was a car dealer too. Imagine that.

Seems that we stopped at a lot of rest areas, but then we needed to get out of the car and stretch after so many hours.

We arrived in Des Moines at around 8:30 Central time. This is when the major sort of possessions takes place. This is mine and you bought that, and Larry tried to make off with my computer, well his bag and mine look just alike. But had he taken it, this post would not have occurred. LOL Gas for the Chevy Suburban and trailer cost exactly $500. Costly, even though it was divided 5 ways.

So at 10 PM I started out for KC, and I was doing fine until I stopped for a sandwich. After I ate that, I just could not seem to stay awake. So I pulled in with the trucks in a Missouri rest area, and slept for about an hour. Once I was back on the road with a nap, I made it home without any more problems.

Needless to say, I crashed, and haven't accomplished much today either. But then I am retired!

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