Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Do Over

Today we skipped the noon luncheon, and the country store meet at the activity center. Loyce had taken Brandy out to get her groomed at a very early hour for us. They arrived at 8 AM but were told they should have been there at 7.

Loyce had told them she would be there at 8 but they had intended for her to come, as they had told her at 7. Well she had the grooming just the same, and she looks like a nicer puppy now.

Once back at home, we got ready and went out to the Mesa Swap Meet. I had written this up Here on November 16th last fall. And we have been out there about three or four times since.

Today will be the last time that we will go and spend several hours looking through all the booths. From here on out, if we go we will be going directly to a specific store to purchase specific items that we know are for sale.

The good thing about knowing what you are after, is that you can park somewhat close to the store you are interested in and walk directly there. That makes a big difference in the time it takes. Since this place is bigger than a football stadium, with four parallel buildings side by side. There are 250 booths in each of the four concourses. Many stores take up lots of booths but still I’ll bet there are 400 businesses all together.

You have to watch the quality of some of the things you buy at these meets, and I had purchased a billfold that was made in India last fall. In only 4 months, it was looking shabby, so today I got a replacement.

The new one was made in the USA, and the sales lady was familiar with the first one I had purchased, and guaranteed that this new one is much better and will last significantly longer. Time will be the test of that!

After a few purchases, and passing on some of the things we thought we wanted, but did not come home with, once we looked at them again, we were out of there by about 4 PM.

Tonight, we went back to Cracker Barrel for supper. Shouldn’t do that, because I always come away feeling like I ate the whole building.

No call from the RV repair facility today, concerning the awning either. I have a feeling that our time here will expire and the Jayco folks will not have provided a solution. Again, time will be the test of this too.

Retired Rod

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