Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get r done

Now that we have declared a date to leave, we have to get all the things done that we have been going to do since we came here.

The last two days have been, go to the restaurants we’ve missed.  Yesterday noon was just Wendy’s, so that wasn’t anything different, but last night, we went to Logan’s Steak House.  I read a review on the internet that said it is a cross between Outback, and Famous Dave’s.  Since they have barbecue.  Well since we are from KC, we don’t really seek out Barbecue in places like Arizona.

Now I am certain that there are really good BBQ joints here too, but after you have been spoiled by KC, and the Memphis style, only Texas is a place that can compete.  LoL.

We ate at a Logan’s in Texas last year and see it as an alternative to Texas Roadhouse.  So Logan’s is different, and something we can’t get in KC.   Same menu, and format, with the peanuts on the floor, but different just the same.  Their rolls are plain yeast and the butter is not honey butter, which is better for the diabetes.  Just a little bit, anyway.

And then today, we have been meaning to try a restaurant up on McKellups called the Iowa Cafe.  This was decorated in Hawkeye stuff and some Cyclone gear, since the waitress said the clones had brought in decorations when they thought it was too Hawkeye dominated.

But the restaurant was a dump. Not even a good truck stop. The menu contained items like chicken fried steak and hot beef sandwiches, while making reference to real meals, since we had been out slopping the hogs.  You can tell these folks have never been to Iowa in the last 100 years. 

We did order breaded pork tenderloins, and Loyce ordered the big one to see how big, big was.  It was about the size of a 12 inch pizza, on a little standard hamburger bun.  What are they thinking?

Food wasn’t all that bad, and I helped eat the big tenderloin and shared part of the coleslaw that came with it.  So tonight we didn’t eat until 8 PM and had two What a Burgers and split a small order of fries.  Still that was more than plenty.

Today was quilting club for Loyce and I ran some errands.  In the afternoon, we both went on more odd job runs.

Yesterday we drove out to the GM proving grounds track, South East of town.  This is about a 4 mile square of ground that is out by the air force base.  I have never been near such a facility, and I do not know much more now either.  The fence was filled with vision blocking metal strips that are inserted into chain link.  Further, they have built a berm of ground inside the fence and planted palo verde trees on it to make sure no one sees the track.

The gate has a guard house, and folks in uniform.  The place is like Fort Knox.  Now we know how successful Chevy products have been over the last 20 years.  Perhaps they need to have the entire population come and be involved with the proving grounds, so we could have it proven to us that we should buy one of their products.  Enough said.

I didn’t mean for this to become a rant, but I was perplexed by what I saw, given the bail out and all.

It never made it warmer than 63 today, and we had a cold rain all night.  We are to slowly begin a warm up into the 70’s this week, and hopefully by the time we will leave, I will be complaining about needing to run the AC all the time.

Retired Rod

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