Friday, February 20, 2009



We drove up to Cottonwood and Sedona today.  There is so much to do up there, that one day is not possible to see everything or do anything.  So tonight will just be an overview.  But perhaps as I spend more time, I can add to this entry in the next few days.

I tried to make several shots into a pano of the town below and Coffee Pot Rock on the left.  There is so much to look up at, that it is hard to drive the car and watch traffic.

We got this picture from driving up the airport road to a scenic overlook, parking the car and then walking back across the road and doing the shutter bug bit.


Here is the close up of Coffee Pot and Thunder mountain to its left.  This towers over the town when you are down on the highway. 


Another of the famous pictures is Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Folks were walking all around the place and I waited until they were mostly not visible.  But if I expand it I’m sure little heads will pop out.

cathedral rock

Another panographic.  This is Cathedral Rock on the right, with Bell in the middle, and I think the one on the left is called Courthouse.

The road we were on is called red rock loop, and turns to gravel, which was a challenge for the Camry, since it has absolutely no ground clearance.  Loyce was having visions of being upside down again, and didn’t want to go farther.  But we drove to the right spot to get the close up of Cathedral Rock.


I parked in someone’s front yard to shoot this.  Imagine having this as your front picture window view.

We spent the day in Jerome, first, and then in Cottonwood, mainly looking for lunch and stuff, and then the late afternoon in Sedona.  When we were out of afternoon shadow light, we went back to Cottonwood, where Loyce had spotted a Quilt Shop.  So I sat in the car again while she searched for more treasures.

We got back to Mesa well after dark, and still had to fight the Phoenix traffic around the 101 loop past Scottsdale.  There are three million folks here and they can’t all drive on the 101 at once, or can they?

Retired Rod

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  1. Sure happy to see that you are recovering nicely. Great pictures of Sedona! We do love it there! Let us know what campgrounds you find in that area and what amenities they have. We plan to visit that part of the country once again in the spring of 2010.
    We enjoy your journal. Keep up the good work.
    Take care and be sure to keep the shiny side up. LOL
    Ed & Marilyn


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