Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Another sleepy Sunday.  Excitement was going to a newer neighborhood on the South edge of Gilbert, Az.  This area has a new JoAnn’s fabric store.  They have almost twice as much inventory at this store as the more local, smaller stores.

We drove down there a week ago, with the Corolla before we lost it.  Loyce had a book in her sights, but waited until today to go buy it once she received her coupons from our son Ben back in KC.  She got 50% off.

I went in a new Wal Mart that was next door, but found it to be just like all the other bigger Wal Marts.  This consistency is probably good, since you know most of the products in the store, and can search out your purchases quickly.  But it made my visit unwarranted, since I didn’t have anything in mind.

We came back and hung around the RV for the rest of the day, but Loyce left briefly to return something she bought earlier in the week.  I declined this trip.

Today was overcast and in the 60’s in the afternoon, but we started at about 45 as the sun came up.  Tonight and tomorrow, we are to have weather come in from California.  They are calling for rain here, but we will have snow above 2,500 feet, so that will include much of Arizona.  Winter is giving up its grip on us quite slowly.  Not that we are suffering, but it should be in the mid 70’s by now and we have not made it there yet.

So other than doing the internet and some TV time, that was our day.

Retired Rod

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