Thursday, February 5, 2009

A broken rib?

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I decided that I must have a broken rib.  The point of the pain is on the left side of my back next to the bottom of my shoulder blade.  It gets to hurting more as the night progresses.

I got up this morning, thinking I would go to the doctor’s office and see what they could do.  But upon googling broken rib, I learned that they can’t do much for you, except give you strong pain killers.  I’m not sure I want that, so, I got out of the mood to go to the doctor.

My chief concern, is the folks in the waiting room that have the worst colds possible.  They sneeze all over the room, and I come away sicker than I was when I went in.  With a cracked rib, the last thing I need is a cough.  Or a cold for that matter.

So I just hung around for the day.  Loyce seems to be over the worst of her trauma, and went to the laundry.  She had sacked up everything in the whole house as a possible item to be washed.  She had all the stuff that was in the car, as the car and our jackets ended up full of sand when we were upside down.

So while she washed, I emailed the insurance adjuster.  Pictures of the car, and information about the towing company.  Then questions about where we might get a value for the replacement car.

Seems that the adjuster must be talking to higher ups, because some of the story has changed, as to how this will all work its way out.  Any way you look at it, we will be spending our own money to replace the car over the adjustment that will be offered.  I’m sure I will know more in the days that are ahead.

It got hot here this afternoon, as my son Ben called and I got to talk to the grandkids when they were home from school.  It was 85 according to a neighbor here next door.  I got up in all my pain, and cranked shut the windows and turned on the AC.  That fixed things up nicely.

In another two hours, the sun went down, and the heat was gone, just like that.  Now its midnight, and Loyce turned on the electric heater.  Big swings in temperature in the winter desert.

Tonight, when we went out to get some supper, we went to a CVS drugstore and bought a back support brace.  The elastic kind with the Velcro closures.  I’m using it to support the rib, and that seems to ease the pain some.

The many web sites that explain this malady, all said it will take six weeks for the rib to heal.  That should be fun!

Retired Rod

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