Thursday, February 12, 2009


Welcome to the infirmary.  Since the traffic accident, it seems that this blog has been dedicated to being sick, or hurt, as the case may be.  So, today was no different.

I said that the last thing I needed was to have a cough with the broken rib.  So day before yesterday, I began to have a sore throat.  Last night, was sit up for most of the night and try not to cough time.

Can’t stand that, so today I sat in the Doctor’s office over on Val Vista Drive, waiting my turn to see the doc.  Only took about 2 hours, and I came away with an exam on my back, to see if she thought there was additional damage to the confirmed rib fracture.  And no there wasn’t.  Also a hand full of scripts.

Then the afternoon was spent going to Wal Mart getting the prescriptions filled.  Took them over just before noon, and back at three to get the resultant bottles.

Then my new glasses were done, so later in the afternoon, I went there to get them fitted.  And then on to the dentist to remake the appointment to get the new crown installed that I cancelled last week after the wreck.

We can’t leave Phoenix, it is our new home of medical and dental services.  Well, at least mine anyway.

The one thing positive in all this was the purchase of a white Teddy Bear at Wal Mart with a red heart pillow in his hand that says be my Valentine on it.  Loyce found it on her sewing machine when she came home from the laundry, where she had been hanging out, while I was off at the dispensary.

I think she likes him!

We continue to have the cold spell here in the desert, with nights at barely 40 and highs in the early 60’s.  This forecast is a carbon copy for every day for the next 10 days.  But it is sunny almost every day, and that goes a long way toward keeping our spirits high.

Retired Rod

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