Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paying the bill.

Life in the RV park today was windy.  Not like Texas, but close enough.  By mid morning, the awning had to be rolled up.  Not a bad task for an able body fellow.  But with my rib issue, it causes more of a challenge.

Once that was stowed, the wind and occasional sprinkles did not cause much more trouble.  In the morning, I noticed that it was warmer in KC than it was here in Phoenix.  That’s the first time that has happened since we have been here.  We were 49 and KC had 55.

We warmed into the 60’s and headed out to do a day trip in town.  We went to a Boston Market for lunch.  Loyce really likes their food, so we had pot pie for her and meatloaf for me.

With the meal over we drove over into the casino area where the 202 meets I 10.  Drove around Beaudry RV that is in bankruptcy, and noted that they have very few RV s left at their site.

We came back, stopping at a Sally’s fabric on Baseline, and returned to the park.

We had to renew our camping, as we have used up the three months we paid for back in November.  Another month is $400 plus tax, and a week was almost $200, so we paid for another month.  When we got to the trailer, we found a bill for $68 for electricity, but somehow they didn’t know or charge us that when we were just up there.     ????????  So back up tomorrow to pay that off.  With 1,800 spots, one fellow must not know what the other is up to.

So we can stay here until March 10th.  By that time, we will be fastened to the ground and unable to move.  Like a petrified rock!

Tonight, the wind has subsided, but the rain is constant.  We are to have snow down to 2,500 feet.  Phoenix is at 1,400 so we may stay as rain, lets hope.  Sirens are blaring in the distance as I write this.  I think it may be a good time to stay home.

Retired Rod

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