Sunday, February 15, 2009

Local Restaurants

Today started out running errands and paying the electric bill up at the office.  We used $58 worth of electricity this month running the fridge,electric water heater and the electric heater.  That is perhaps high, but the .15 rate per Kw is about as much as folks can charge for the stuff and be somewhere like normal.

We haven’t used the gas heat at all since we have been here,so that would have been a bottle a week, at about $20 a bottle, so we are not about to complain.

After that, I needed a notary to sign off on the power of attorney to negotiate the title for the Corolla.  In Kansas, we do not need to notarize titles, but in Arizona, they think it is necessary.  Since there is no place on the Kansas title to notarize the document, they want an additional paper that guarantees my signature. 

I found the local Chase bank open,and they professionally helped me with the document, and wouldn’t accept any payment.  But did want me to open an account since I was coming back next year.  I am?  Well maybe, and if we do they will be the bank of choice here.

Then we went out for lunch at the Hoosier Cafe.  Yah like the boilermakers!  The place was full of memorabilia from UI and South Bend.  Even Ball State was represented.  We had Philly cheese steak sandwiches and they were good.  But not so much as one drop of au jus was offered.  Guess they like them dry over in Indiana.  LoL

This was a big breakfast place, and the local ham guys meet there on Thursday mornings.  The menu had three pages of breakfast, and one page of sandwiches on the back page.  Oops should have come for breakfast.

Tonight we went to Old Chicago, for our Valentines dinner.  I tried to go to a local place Vito’s, but folks were hanging out the doors, and we were under dressed for the joint.  With the special day, everything was jammed.  I had a Calzone, and Loyce had a Pasta dish.  We’re both stuffed now, and its late at night.  Not a good combination.

Another day, Valentines day!  In the old trailer park.  Oh, I mean RV Resort!

Retired Rod

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