Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Blue

This entire town is bummed out tonight.  They had built themselves so high for their first appearance in the super bowl, and then to lose in the final seconds after fighting themselves into a 4th quarter lead.  To say the least, the loss is a tough one.

For us since we are from Iowa, and Kurt Warner is from Eastern Iowa, graduating from UNI in Cedar Falls, and then playing for the Iowa Barnstormers in Des Moines, we enjoy any game that he plays in.  Since we are Arizona snow birds this winter, it adds to our loyalty.  We enjoyed the time he played for St. Louis and won the Super Bowl there.

Of course the traffic seemed non existent during the game, but moments after the end, the streets broke out into pandemonium.  Everyone was going home from the many parties.  We went out to find a pizza, but found most places closing up.  Finally we stopped at the local Cici’s for the buffet. 

This barely qualifies as pizza, but since we were about the only patrons left, the manager watched as I took a slice of pepperoni and another of sausage.  The next pizza to hit the buffet board, was a pepperoni sausage combo.  Good man, he may con me into coming back.  The pizza is mostly dough, without much in the way of toppings, but we were hungry and it was fast and easy.  Loyce likes the salad bar.

Again today was beyond beautiful.  The sun was out before 8 AM and the day was in the mid 70’s.  Almost hot, in the trailer, but not unbearable with the fans. 

Loyce worked hard on her craft projects, and I ran the computer, while we waited for the game to begin.  Folks here in the park were scurrying about getting to their respective parties.  In mountain time zone, the game began at 4, with all the pregame stuff in the early afternoon.

So that was our day, with a big let down at the end.

Retired Rod

In answer to the question if we have any more pictures like the new header pic, the answer is they all came out drab.  It was really overcast the day we were in the Arboretum.  The only others that were close to good are in the blog from that day.  Perhaps we will go back out when the sun is blasting, or early in the morning, to get some good shots.

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