Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post Crash day one.

We thank each and everyone of you for your kind comments.  They are appreciated. 

It was surreal to go out to the salvage yard in Maricopa, and clean out our stuff into the pickup.  They wanted the title, in order for us to get our stuff.   No dice!  I told them the insurance company wants the title, and I already mailed it to them.

Yes the adjuster will want the title, and at some point I will have to send it, but should I give it to a chop shop?  I still have trauma from the accident, but not that much.  They would tell the insurance co that the storage charges equaled the value of the car so they sold it.  Then it would be back on me.

As we looked at the car in the light of day, and right side up, we wonder how we rode thru such a violent  crash.  There is literally no part of the car that is not broken.  Dirt and broken glass is all thru the interior, and both the front and back windows are gone.

I took some more pictures, but I will only send them to the Insurance Company.  Too nasty for the blog.

We are sore and tired since we didn’t sleep much at all last night.  My knee was cut pretty badly and Loyce dressed it this morning, removing the bandage that the paramedics had put on.

Ah that made it feel better in about a half an hour.  We are both feeling it in our backs, and I am the worst of the two of us.  I was on the bottom side of the car as it slid on the ground, and the energy of the speed partially dissipated thru me.

I am leaned just so as I type this so as not to strain the muscles that are yelling at me.  All and all we have fared better than we could have expected.

We are in contact with the Insurance Co and they are being quite nice so far. None of that “dummy what in the heck did you do that for” kind of attitude. But the settlement is not here yet either.

I smashed my glasses against the roof of the car as it collapsed when we were upside down, so I now need to go find an optometrist.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. Just a thought: Have you considered going to a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment as soon as possible? I've heard that if you go immediately after an accident, you may eliminate future potential problems. JoAnn

  2. I have heard that too. It's not a bad idea. I'm so glad you're doing ok. An angel was watching over you two.


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