Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caution rambling post

We had another one of those boring 83 degree days here in the RV park. We seemed busy for most of the day, but didn’t do anything of much importance.

I got busy and took pictures of the broken awning bracket to email to the repair place, since they wanted $25 to sent a fellow over here to take a picture. Got to thinking about that and decided that I could do the work for them and save the $25.

So after waiting until around 11 AM I called and asked if I could send him the pictures, since his day was looking so complicated. (Just a guess on my part) And he said, “could you?” So I documented an email to him, with all that he would need to send to Jayco. You know just forward this and see what they want to do. Saved $25 and I am still at the top of his pending customer list.

DSCN0883 You can see the broken bracket at the top of the part above the bolts. Surely that isn’t much of a fix, but time will tell.

Then the insurance adjuster called from Kansas City, wanting to settle some of the claim on the medical, so we played phone tag for a while, until we finally decided how to proceed.

Next we went to Wal Mart to make some prints of the photos of the quilt show. Loyce needs evidence of all her hard work for her brag book. Just kidding dear!

Then this afternoon a bunch of us guys 'needed' to sit over under an awning in front of the neighbors motorhome, from Alberta. Just to see if the beer stayed cold in his new small refrigerator in the wheel locker. He found that about two weeks ago, on sale and it was stainless and matched the color of his coach.

A few stories were swapped about everything imaginable. He has a new stripe job on his small trailer pulled behind the smart car, and it matches the car in color. His wife wanted a butterfly, and he wanted flames, so the butterfly has flames coming from its wings. Doesn’t look too bad.

Now its dark, and we have the door back open to enjoy the temps that are still in the 70’s. It is about like July in Iowa, or late June in Kansas. Ahhhhhh!

Retired Rod

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