Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday odd jobs


This car is right side up, and I promise to do my very best to keep it that way!

It is a Camry LE with the 4 cylinder 2.4L engine.  31 MPG highway, 21 city.  Overall rating of 25.  That’s decent, but doesn’t come close to the 38-32 of the Corolla.  But it is bigger and we hope somewhat safer.

The only options were the wheels and a preferred package that contained the all weather floor mats and a cargo net for the trunk.  The dealer has added tinted windows and the UV paint protection, that he says is added to all his cars here in the desert.  Too hot and sunny, kills the cars.

So today we went out on our first venture with the new car to Trader Joe’s.  Not too far away, but a trip that Loyce enjoys.  She got all sorts of items to make neat meals, and she is excited about our upcoming chicken pizza.  Oooookay!

This afternoon we returned a motorized sweeper, to Target, and tried to purchase a vacuum cleaner instead.  But Target didn’t have what we wanted.  So over to Wally World, where we got a dirt devil upright that was on sale for $42.  Had a 12 Amp motor, and we did some real vacuuming tonight, once I got all the pieces assembled.

So we have been hanging around here tonight me doing the internet, and Loyce working on craft stuff.

I’m not moving too fast, but I am determined to not sit around and stew over the pain from the broken rib.  But I didn’t suggest that we go up for bingo tonight either.

We are supposed to have some rain later tonight, but it is only cooler and cloudy now.  Perhaps the rain will not find us.

Retired Rod


  1. Beautiful looking car, Rod. You commented on it being bigger and safer. I think the Corolla did an excellent job of protecting you. Believe me, I've seen some older heavier cars that didn't do so well.

  2. Sandra
    The Corolla saved our lives! Simple as that. What I was referring to was the fact that it lost traction from my quick evade move to miss the roll of fence wire. It spun instantaneously. I have never had a car lose control before that rapidly on dry pavement. I think that was partially due to the lack of weight in the little car. So This one is structurally the same, only bigger and heavier. Do you agree? I know you did this for a living, and I value your knowledge.


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