Monday, February 9, 2009

Windy rain and cool

I did stay home today for most of the day.  As promised, it began to rain in the middle of the night, and the wind blew the awning on the side of the trailer.  It is bungee corded to the side of the truck, but that doesn’t stop it from flopping.

When flopping, it shakes the entire trailer.  Enough that you lay awake and wait for the next flop.  So even though it about killed me to be out at 1 AM, with walking stick for support, I lowered the awning into its down most position.  I didn’t unlock it and roll it up since all our stuff would then get wet.

In that lowest position, it is hard to get into the door, so that caused more pain as I squeezed into the tin box.  So this morning, when I finally got to sleep, that’s when Brandy the dog decided she had to go out potty.  Man you can’t win.

The wind had died down, so out went the awning again.  But we did crawl back into bed since it was only in the 50’s outside.  We slept really late.  Making up for the all night awning flop.

Today I wanted to stay put, and let this bone heal.  And other than drive over to the bathroom mid afternoon, I followed the plan.

Tonight, we went back over to Fuddruckers for some more sweet potato fries.  We had only had a brunch breakfast and no lunch, so we were both hungry by the time we got there.

Afterwards, we drove a little of the town to the South, thru Gilbert, over towards Chandler.  We have now learned our way around well enough that we no longer take the GPS with us for most trips.

We still only have 80 miles on the new car, so we haven’t been too far yet.

Retired Rod

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