Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dentist Once Again

I think this dental hygienist forgot she just worked on me four weeks ago.  She was right back at my teeth with the same dig dig scratch action, like I hadn’t brushed once since I saw her last.

Still giving me he!! for not being clean enough.  Dang, I brushed just like you said mom.  Not good enough, anyway.  So with one nee in my chest, we went thru the whole thing again today.  I was supposed to be getting a polish, and she did polish a little bit, long about the end of the session.

Then the nice Dentist carefully fit a new crown on number 19, as he kept referring to it.  After a number of adjustments, it fit just right, and they relieved me and my insurance company of all that dirty old money.

They about cried when I told them I was going back to KC, and would get the next cleaning up there.  But hey, they made plenty from me this winter.

As I sat here waiting for the novacaine to wear off, it struck me that I was all done with these folks, maybe forever, unless we come back here next winter, and I feel brave enough to get the nee treatment again.

Loyce is back at her charity quilt for the quilt club here in the park.  They want it done by the quilt show that will be held Sunday.  So it can be displayed along with the others that were made this winter.  I’ll try to snatch a picture of it for the blog, once she gets the binding on.  It is made from printed panels and various matching printed fabrics.  All in large squares.

Tonight was cracker barrel, which I know is a chain, but sometimes when things are good, it doesn’t matter where the restaurant is located.  I’m not telling how many biscuits I ate, but the waiter got a 20 percent tip.

Retired Rod

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