Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gila Bend

The day we ended up on our top, was interesting before we spilled ourselves all over the highway.

When we were in Gila Bend, we went to the McDonalds for bathroom and an ice cream, and then we found out we coulda had a “Cactus Burger”?  Well dang nab it, if only we’d a known.


These curio shops that specialize in metal stuff from Mexico are all over here in Arizona.  And they get some right nice prices for the stuff, not the cheaper prices if you go over the border yourself.


Need a rooster in metal?  That thing was bigger than I am.  Note the last picture of the car in the background, before it got totaled.

Since I make a study of gas prices as I travel around the country, notice that we are getting close to California, and gas has become more like their prices.  Since this picture was taken, we have gone up another dime here in Phoenix to $1.99, so they are at 2.19 now.


We had a large truck pass us with and airplane body and tail all wrapped up in canvas.  It was a lot wider than an F22, and with  the canvas camo they don’t want any peering eyes.   Not too good of a picture, but they buzzed right passed us, and the camera focused on the inside of the windshield.


Not more than 10 minutes later, we ended up turtle. This was on the interstate, and we turned off on a country 2 lane, when we found the wire in the road.

This morning, I spent the time hunting down the parts for the 2 meter radio and antenna to put into the new Camry.  Much of the stuff was covered in desert gravel, and needed to be cleaned. But the car looks like a real ham’s car now since it has an antenna on the trunk.

My back wasn’t going to allow installing the 12 V wire from the battery today, so that will wait to another more healed day.

Mid afternoon, I found myself on the phone with the insurance company negotiating the amount of the settlement for the Corolla.  Once that was arranged, we endorsed the title and took it to the mail box.  Remember that dude down at the storage lot that wanted me to give it to him.  Folks are not honest!

So we drove to Wal Mart, and the post office, and came home.  We are trying to keep a low profile here and heal up some in the process.  I think I am starting to turn the corner on that.

Retired Rod

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  1. Oh Rod, I surely do hope that you have turned the corner, are starting to heal, and that the pain will subside.
    Thank goodness you are both OK.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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