Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool Weather and a 12 V primary wire.

We have turned into turnips that are planted into this trailer park here in Mesa.  Today turned sunny about 9 AM and it never did get what I would call warm.  We reached 63, and that would be a really nice temperature for Kansas and Iowa, but for here it is considered cold.

We are stuck in about a 10 day mirror image of weather where lows are 45 and highs are 65.  Of course we have wall to wall sun!  And that is what gets folks out walking the park and having happy hour at 4 PM.  But by 5:30 the sun is headed out of sight, and things break up quickly as the night cool approaches.

For me I spent the day piecing a 12 gauge, red and black, zip cord wire together with a 20 Amp fuse in line.  Since we lost the other car, and this one is not ham radio friendly yet, I worked on changing that by installing the primary wire from the battery today.

The firewall on the Corolla had places where a wire could be pushed thru along side other cables from under the dash.  But not this Camry.  The firewall is rock solid.  No rubber grommets to be found.  So I had to resort to my old standby trick of going out into the fender and then thru the hole in the A pillar where the electric window wires go out.

This works, but can sometimes compromise the water tight seal.  Since you push it out at the bottom to run your wire.  Time will tell if I need to deal with leaking problems.  But for now, the battery line is under the driver’s seat, and powering the many accessories that I seem to add to the car.

That is huge, as now we can run the two way radios to talk to each other when we go to the next park.  And back home next month.

Late in the day after I finished with the car, Loyce made a Wal Mart run, but I declined to go along preferring to clean up at the shower house instead.

Another day on the desert!

Retired Rod

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