Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Now that’s more like it!  We reached a high temp of 87 according to the dash of the Toyota.  But officially, the airport said it was 83, but no matter, we’ll take it.

I received the insurance settlement for the car on Friday, late in the day.  So this morning, it was off to the Financial Institution to deposit it.  I had to go to Scottsdale to find the place with the right flavor.  It’s more hoi polloi over there, so that’s where the investment firms office.  Not the same as us trailer trash folks.  LOL.

Any way when I got back, the old tin trailer was hot, hot.  The poor doggie gal looked like she was about to cook.  So, I started the fan and the AC for her.  Well, for me too.  Put out the awning on the side of the rig, and sat a spell.

Loyce came home from her quilt group, and declared that we had to go to the fabric shop again.  We were just there yesterday, but never mind, we have to go again.  New project!

So we spent the afternoon looking for the Jayco dealer, to see if we can get a part for the awning,  and then to the new fabric shop about 10 miles to our South.

When we got back, we hung around under the awning, as the temps remained nice even thru sundown. 

Not an exciting kind of day, but then they all can’t be vacation events.  More like hanging out and socializing in the RV Resort!  See I didn’t call it the trailer park!

Retired Rod

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