Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back at the DMV

Another morning and lunch time in the DMV.  Since the new motorscooter needs a new plate, I had to go sit and wait.  Again!  Seems like I was just there, oh ya for the utility trailer.  Today was at the end of the month, and it seems that folks wait until the last possible minute to go pay for plates in their due month.

So I sat and sat. At one time I was 140 people away from a window.  They had 17 clerks working, and still it was taking 2 minutes per person.  But ever so slowly I came to the top of the list.  I was finally out about 2 PM.  Not too bad considering I arrived at 10:45.

You have to take the papers to them when you have a Manufactures Statement of Origin.  That is when something has never had a title before. So I couldn't renew on line or take advantage of any of their quicker options.  Once I had a number I could have left, but I am always afraid that I will miss out when I get called up, and have to start all over.

In the afternoon I just went out and rode the new bike.  I made the excuse to go to the old scooter shop where I purchased the Kymco, to get some oil to do an oil change.

That is up in the old part of Overland Park, about 10 miles from here.  They had moved, and I didn't know it.  I thought they might have gone out of business, but then thought better of it and used the blackberry to look on the internet.  The first page that came up, said come see us at our new address.  It was only 3 blocks away, but it may as well have been miles, when I had no idea where they went.

So now the Kymco has an oil change, and a wash job.  Perhaps I will get it listed on Craigs list for the weekend.  I took some current pictures.

Late tonight, I went over to Wal Mart with Loyce's Escape, looking for an oil change.  I was nicely surprised to find that the late crew were not busy at all and finished me in rapid fashion.  Then a quick drive thru the car wash to get rid of all that sandy mud from the Timberline Camp Ground up in Des Moines.

I wonder why I am so tired tonight?   I never worked this hard when I went to the office every day!

Retired Rod

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