Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going after the Burgman

When I went to bed last night it was raining.  Not pouring like it did earlier in the day as we drove home, but just steady.  I was worried!

I knew that I was supposed to pick up the new Suzuki Burgman maxi scooter in the morning, but that all plans would be off in the rain.  Drat!

The I awoke at 5:30, and heard a loud clap of thunder!  The sky opened up and it just poured.  The day was a bust as far as I was concerned.

By 8:30 it began to stop raining, and by 9:00 I was out in the garage loading up the Kymco to ride over and get the new one.  I wasn't trading the Kymco in, rather I just rode it over there as transportation.  We went back over in the car around noon, and I rode it back home then.

So this is the new maxi scooter,  called a Burgman.  It seems that Suzuki made this for the German people originally, and named it after the German name for town.  ie Burg.  And for a townsman, burgmann.  So it is the man about town, as some of the forums explain.

This is a much more serious scooter, that has 650 ccs and will go faster than I ever will.  It weighs almost 600 pounds, and is water cooled.  It will travel highway speeds comfortably.  It can be used as an everyday commuter.  Well on sunny days anyway.

While I was riding it home the sky had to open up and begin to rain.  Big, large drops fell for several minutes, making me think I would be soaked before long.  But then just like that it was over, and we had heavy wind for the rest of the day, without any more rain.

I had work to do, as the yard needed to be mowed, so the new bike had to sit and wait.  Then the garage had to be cleaned out in order to get two motorcycles in where there was only one before.

Finally late in the afternoon, I went out and rode for 40 miles.  It is new and very tight, so I took it really easy.  It is also completely different feeling than the little Chinese scoot, so I have to learn to ride all over again.  It weighs more than twice as much!

We decided that we would not go out camping with our sons, in a decision early this morning, but rather we are going to head up to Des Moines to see Loyce's family for a few days.  So the MH sits out in front of the house tonight again.  I'm sure it will have to get out of here tomorrow morning or I will hear from the law.

Now if we can keep the rain at bay........  See you from Des Moines.

Retired Rod


  1. Congrats on the new bike. Nice looking machine for sure. My first bike was a Susuki. 4cyl 650 & black like yours. Your lucky to have a paved driveway for it. We have pea stone & it's really hard to push the heavy bike around in the stones. Definetely a nice time of year to get a new bike:))

  2. Great looking bike, Rod! I think your first real trip should be to go get a 'burger' on that Burgman!! Be careful too, you've got a lot of power there!


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