Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things begin to happen at Tiffin Motorhomes.

Where to begin!  I was up at 5:30, and over to the shower house as we didn't have sewer and I didn't know if we would get it today.  Keep the tanks as empty as possible when you are not sure how long it will be.

I was over in the long repair garage looking for coffee in the customer service center, and made lots of friends quite quickly.  In the mean time, I came back and made some breakfast.  Loyce headed up to the office about 9:30 and politely asked if we might be assigned a site sometime during the day.

Well after some discussion, they told her that we should move over to 67 once the folks that were on there had vacated it.  We were instructed to make sure all their stuff was gone and that they were gone before we would move.

I went to look at the site, and there was nothing on it and no one around.  I went back into the customer service area to use the restroom and began talking to a couple from Saint Louis, Don and Sue.  They have many things in common with us, as not only do they own a Tiffin coach, they also have a place at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We had both been in the Navy and were Viet Nam vets.

Meanwhile back at the Motor Home Loyce had been visited by the fellow to discuss the stuff on our repair list.   She was handling that since most of the stuff are inside items anyway, and she knows as well as I what is broken.  She sweet talked the fellow into fast tracking us thru Express service the middle of next week, or otherwise they thought it might be over two weeks to get some of it fixed.

Other folks have been turned away we were told, so perhaps her smooth skills of saying "please" were just the ticket.  I might have been too demanding, and would have politely been shown the door.  This place is swamped with customers wanting everything yesterday.

The fellow felt that many folks show up with quite an attitude that they are important, and that seems not to impress the average worker from Alabama.  Imagine that.

So we ended up moving to 67 about 11 AM, and the TV repair fellow came over to look at our green 32 inch center TV.  The screen has been tinted green all winter, unless you gave it a twisting wiggle or sharp rap.  Then it has only stayed correctly colored for about an hour, or less and was right back to pink or green.  Before I knew what was happening, he had the set off the wall on out in his van.  He said he would take it up town to the factory and they would fix it.

He was back about 2 in the afternoon, and installed it on the wall.  It works perfectly!  That is one of the major things that we wanted  fixed while we were here.  Evidently many of these TVs malfunction in this exact same way, and they know how to take them apart and repair and re solder the broken circuit board in short order.  They had it done over the lunch hour.  Yea!!!!

So we are now on a pull thru site with full hook ups and I won't have to shower at the club house anymore.  Our tanks are now empty, and we have TV that is not green and a schedule for the middle of next week, which is really good, since others were turned away.  Well they were told it would be three weeks before they could be helped with their problems.

Tonight we ended up over at Don and Sue's big class A Phaeton when they ended up being our next door neighbors, once they were out of their service bay.  When they pulled back on the site, I stuck my head out of the door and said hey, we know you folks.  Well for about 6 hours anyway!

We were invited in to see their new to them 2009 Phaeton, as they are on their way home to St Louis from Florida.  We talked and talked, until I finally politely excused us as we were headed up town to get a pizza.  How does that happen?  Two hours just disappeared as we were talking,  to folks that we have never met before, ever.  And yet we seem to have walked many of the same paths, and had sooooo much in common.  Get this, they have a little motor scooter on a ramp on the back of their coach, and he is a ham radio operator!  Isn't that just bazaar?

Land sakes, you have to really love this RV lifestyle, because there are so many wonderful folks that embrace it.

Retired Rod

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