Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiffin RV Campground

This place is a unique experience.  It began to clear out on Friday afternoon, when we got our site.  There were some empty sites Saturday afternoon, as the rest of the people that were finished with their repairs left in the morning.

We drove over to Tupelo on Saturday afternoon, but were surprised to find that we had more neighbors on Saturday night.  Today, Sunday, we have had a parade of folks returning to the campground, or arriving for their service appointment.

Tonight, as I walked around the park, I have not found any empty sites anywhere.  Even the overflow spots are occupied.  There are even folks on some of the boondocking sites that we stayed on Thursday night.  Remember they have 50 amp plug ins on the outside wall of the building.

In the morning, this park will come to life at 6:30 to 7:00 AM.  Diesel engines will be cranked up to build up the air supply before driving across the parking lot to your assigned repair door.l  They do not allow anything left on the site when you go over for service.  Especially no sewer hoses or water hoses!  All sewer connections must be of the threaded type.  They must seal to the pipes in the ground.  I had the right threaded piece, as some of the states out West have laws like that.

We were told that we would not get into a service bay until later in the week, so for us we will just be awakened by the morning Red Bay shuffle.

We just hung out here today watching the Masters Golf Tournament.  Another TV day, but I am absolutely thrilled that Phil Mickelson won, since he came so close last year, but blew it at the very end.

So for now were just hanging around in the dusty white rock parking lot campground!

Retired Rod


  1. With a constant seemingly unending flow of rigs at that repair facility it makes me wonder about Tiffen's quality control at the plant where these motorhomes are made. Why so many rigs back for so many repairs??

  2. Just wondering if you ever wander through the repair shop? I understand they have a huge middle aisle where customers can walk down and watch the guys working on their rigs. That would be kind of interesting.


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