Sunday, April 4, 2010

I start on the taxes

Tax returns are one of the worst things that I can do to occupy my time.  Its not that I can't do them, as I have done thousands, but it is that as a former accountant, I just hate the work.

I think maybe wore out with it is more the situation.  The laws have changed so many times since the early 70's when I started as an accountant, that I can never trust that what I think I know, is still in effect.  So I get a tax program, and let it actually do the taxes part for me.

They have to keep the programs up to date, on all the laws and latest changes, so that is my crutch.  Or excuse.  But I am sticking to the story.

So today I loaded the programs on my computer from the CD that I purchased the other day when I was making a fool of myself at the RV dealer with my anode rod.  I had stopped by Office Depot on the way home.  Of course the programs that are on the CD's are not up to date either, and immediately connect back home to get all the revisions that came about since the disk was made.  I sat and watched as the machine downloaded even more stuff than was on the disk to begin with.

Changes in tax programs are constant.  But I got the programs loaded.  So next I had to fire up the old computer and find the tax files from last years retrun.  But the computer hadn't been booted since January when I moved over to the windows 7 machine.   And yes it went into an update routine of all the stuff it had been deprived of since I turned it off.  More time wasted.

But the biggest job for the day was to go thru all the stored envelopes and investment papers  for the entire year, not to mention all the mail that built up during the winter, looking for those elusive words " important tax information."  Some times on the envelope, but sometimes inside the envelope just to make it fun.

I never did actually get to the part of doing the taxes, but I think I am closer to starting.  But then it was time to watch Basketball on the tube, and another of those sports days in front of the TV took over.

So the day just kind of got away from me with only a trip over to Taco Bueno for a bag of lunch tacos as my only outing.  Perhaps I can start to actually do the taxes tomorrow!

Have a Happy Easter!!!

Retired Rod

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  1. Happy Easter to you and Loyce, hope you have a nice day. And by nice day, I don't mean doing taxes. The Canadian filing date is Apr. 30 - that will give me about 2 days to get ours done as we expect to get home on the 28th. Sure glad we've got QuickTax(Cdn. version of TurboTax) to figure it out.


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