Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A day in Des Moines

I'm not sure how, but I just lost the entire blog I had written on the blogger editor.  It is just gone!  So I start over.

Anyway we went into town this morning to Francie's for lunch.  Loyce had decided not to go since she said it would be all men, and that was just how it turned out.  We had a nice time with the guys as each of the spots seemed to turn over for yet another guy during the two hours we were there.

Afterward we headed over to Harbor Freight for some tools that we needed for our trip to Dayton in two weeks, so we had further fellowship. 

With all our plans made, I came back for Loyce at the Campground.  She was ready to head out to her favorite lunch spot, Made Rite.  This is a crumbly hamburger on a bun sandwich with pickle and mustard.  They season the meat with onion and bullion and then cook it down to almost dry.  It is an old Iowa restaurant chain that has survived since the 1930's.

We headed out to shop at all the local Des Moines haunts that Loyce likes, and the afternoon seemed to disappear.  We ended up at the new Wal Mart out in the newest part of West Des Moines.  This place is much nicer than most Wal Marts, and as such does not allow overnighting in the parking lot.  I think it is a city ordinance, but I wouldn't want to deal with the local cops on it.

For supper, we went to Lone Star Steak House, and had a small steak.  It was good, as we lost all of our Lone Stars in KC due to the economy.  It wasn't very busy here either, so I am worried for their ability to continue.

So we had a nice day in the old home town, and we will pack up in the morning and head South. 

Retired Rod


  1. Had my first Maid-Rite down in Rolla MO. a couple weeks ago, they are tasty, but a little dry like you said. I guess I'm just a greasy sort of guy, Made several trips last winter up to the Ames, Des Moines area. Got snowed on in everyone of them. Glad you picked a warmer , but maybe not drier time of the year.W have had three days of rain on and off here in MO. Have fun in your travels. Sam & Donna.

  2. Sounds like an interesting burger, Rod! If I ever get up that way, I'll be sure to try one!


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