Monday, April 26, 2010

Des Moiines with family

We have spent another relaxing day in Des Moines with Betsy, Eric and Grandpa B.  Betsy cooked the most scrumptious ribs and scalloped corn.  We had it all over our faces as it was beyond good.  Thanks Betsy!

The afternoon stretched into evening, and we didn't seem to want to end all our visiting.  But then we hadn't seen these good folks since before we left for the Southwest last fall.  So a lot of catch up was happening.

Tonight as I write this it is still raining outside here in the chilly campground outside of Waukee, Iowa.  Surely it will stop this before we have to head back to KC.  But that isn't in the forecast for tomorrow.  They are still predicting more rain and even colder tomorrow.  Spring seems more elusive here this far North, after being in Alabama for 2 weeks.

But then Mississippi had tornadoes this weekend, so perhaps it is just another change in the weather pattern.  I was thankful that we had departed that area before the storms arrived.  A stoke of luck and nothing else.

We are sitting here with both propane heaters going and the electric radiator as well.  Perhaps it will not require all three before morning.  We had removed the unvented radiant LP heater before we went to Red Bay, as we were uncertain how that might effect our warranty issues.  Tonight, I am wondering if we should re install it for the summer.   That sounds unnecessary, but then the cold rain is still pitter pattering on the roof too.

Tomorrow we go to lunch with my ham buddies on the Southside of the city.  I can't wait.  Loyce even said she might go with me.  It is in a cheers type bar by the airport, which we both particularly like.  I'll report on that tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. I know what you mean about not being able to wait to go for lunch with your buddies! I'm having lunch this Friday with my "old retired guys" for the first time since before xmas and I'm looking forward to it to. Sounds like a great dinner you had with your family!

  2. I love those "Cheers" type bars, but haven't been in one for ages! Have fun.

  3. THanks Ivers for coming to visit this weekend-we really enjoyed your visit! Glad you enjoyed the ribs! I think it will be a while before we have ribs again. Have a safe trip home-and stay warm!


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