Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter family fun

I started in this morning, but I didn't get too far on the tax thing and the answers that I was getting were really disheartening.  It was kinda like how much ya got?  Send it all in!

So when my son Ben called and said they were stopping over in the afternoon, I moved on to shopping at Wal Mart.  I needed some stuff that Loyce doesn't buy when she is there.  If I asked her, she would get it, but I'm not too good about figuring out what I need until I'm completely out.

When I got back, I decided to wash one of the cars, and then Loyce wanted her car washed.  So since I had the power washer out and all hooked up.....

By that time the Ben and Danielle and the kids came for the afternoon.    With all three kids going everywhere at once, it is a whirlwind during a visit.  But they seem to have fun over here, as we have lots of toys, and they are different than the toys they have at home.  We also have a school desk and four chairs with paper, scissors, and markers!!!!

They left about 4:30 for home, and I started to put together an easel for Claire.  It only took about an hour to assemble with one small page of pictures only as instructions.  Grandpa's kind of dumb when it comes to these kid toys, so it takes me forever to get it right.

By 7, we met Melissa and the two girls for a burger at Red Robin.  Well I had the burger, and the gals had salads.  It was a tasty treat, but we had to get it eaten and clear out by 8, as they were closing up early on Easter Sunday.

I was struck by how few folks were at the restaurant tonight.  Evidently Easter Sunday is not a night that most folks head out for dinner.  The place was mostly empty.

Back at grandma's, Claire got her Easter Bunny stuff from Grandma Bunny.  And some Birthday stuff too.  The easel is too big for the car so grandpa has to take it over in the morning in the truck.

That poor tax return is still waiting for me to come back and work on it from this morning.  Not tonight!

Retired Rod

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