Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back at the taxes

When you are sitting at home working on your taxes all day, it is hard to come up with much to blog about.  My experiences with the tax software are not all that exciting.

Completing the states that affect each other, when you live in Kansas, but have w2s from Missouri, is  a challenge.  I do them by hand, since I am too tight to buy two different states software and then review how they work together.  I end up overriding some of how the software does it anyway, so why spend money so it just gets typed out nicely, the way I was taught to do it years ago.  So I do them by hand and then copy all the stuff and mail it off.

Anyway you shouldn't hear about me doing taxes anymore, as I officially declared that it was finished, and mailed the two states and the extension for the federal.  I always wait to file the federal, to see what may change in the upcoming weeks.  When I get those pesky late 1099's, its a lot easier to change the return when it isn't filed yet.

Mid afternoon, I went out for a burger, and then stopped by the Suzuki dealership.  I have been tossing around the idea of getting a bigger motorscooter, or perhaps a regular motorcycle.  But looking at the big Suzuki scoot today was way too tempting.  Of course he doesn't wany my little red bike in trade.  If I did it , I would have to put the little red fellow on Craigs list.  And it could sit here for quite a while. 

Tomorrow we are going after the Motorhome, to load it up for a little trip to the factory in Red Bay, Alabama.  We have the normal issues of broken stuff that all RVs suffer.  Ours seem to be in the electrical area, as we have stuff that doesn't seem to work right.  Also we have more of those steamed over dual pane windows.

We think it is much better to go to the factory, and let them fix stuff right at the source.  However, we are having a bit of weather tonight that is to last into the day tomorrow.  Winds and rain and some hail are all forecast.  Ah, Kansas in the springtime.  They don't call it tornado alley for nothing.

And lastly congratulations to all the Duke fans out there, but the shot at the buzzer could have turned the game around causing Butler to win.  It is really too bad that teams that close in skill have to loose.  But remember 63 teams that go to the tournament go home a loser.  There is only one overall winner.  But then perhaps eveyone is a winner by having participated.  I guess it is all how you look at it.

Retired Rod

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