Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday

Our youngest grandchild is 10 months old today, and we got to keep her all day long.  Loyce goes into her mom mode, and is in seventh heaven.  Me, I just sit back over here in the corner, and keep out of the way.  But at ten months she is pulling herself up on all the tables and crawling all over the place.

That means she comes to me and really likes the power cord on my computer.  And really doesn't understand why I would take it away from her.  But everything goes into your mouth when you are that age, so.....

It was Good Friday today and many of our neighbors had the day off, but it was also garbage day here in the cul de sac.  So everyone very dutifully piled all their trash out in their driveway for pickup.  Now about mid morning, we had quite a change in weather, as a front went thru town.

So it began to rain, first a little and then a lot more.  But all of a sudden, the wind blew like a mini tornado.  It was driving rain, and all that garbage that was neatly piled was swirling in the air. We had a massive garbage whirl going, as everything was becoming rain soaked.

We have an number of young families, and they have a lot of soiled diapers that get put out, and well, we had a mess.  After it settled down and the rain returned to something more normal for spring, everyone was out gathering their own, and a lot of other folks trash from the yards.

This was stacked back out front for the truck that came about an hour later.  Still the entire neighborhood is littered with papers and trash even late tonight. 

It was not lost on me that it was Good Friday, and that there was a similar rain storm some 2000 years ago in the afternoon on Calvary's Hill.  Perhaps this symbolism is only in the eyes of the beholder, but for Loyce and I it seems very real.  This is not a religious blog, but I can't help but point out the event.

Our grand daughter went home, and it became deathly quiet around here again.  Perhaps we will have some excitement tomorrow.  One could hope.

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