Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the house.

By the light of day, the campground looked somewhat junky.  In that there were several older or oldest campers sprinkled around.   But it was alright, all we needed was the basic hookups and we had them.

I spent time scrubbing off the bugs and looking over the new paint on the front.  I couldn't find any damage from the plastic chunks thrown from yesterday's disintegrating car.  I know some of it struck the front end. So this stuff works.

We did get on the road by about 11:30 as we cleaned out the inside and washed out sewer tanks.  We only had about 4 hours and we took our time.  We stopped at Booneville, at the new Pilot.  I got gas at the car pumps to avoid the 6 cent credit card surcharge in the truck lanes.  We had to do the $75 limit thing a second time as we needed more than one time.

I know we get about 9 or 10 miles per gallon, but I rarely keep track of mileage.  Its kind of depressing to know exactly, and you can never fill things up to exactly the same level, unless it is in the filler neck, and that makes the fuel gage go wacky in the Freightliner part of the MH.

So I just filled it up to the shut off and perhaps a gallon more.  Then a big Hardee burger and curly fries fueled me up.  While sitting at the Hamburger stand, I called the Suzuki dealer and reassured him that I was still on my way home and not to worry.  He said it was pouring rain in KC.

And right he was, as we drove right into the rain about 20 minutes later.  And of course we got all tangled up in the evening drive time in KC.  We take I 470 to Lee's Summit, and then bring I 435 to Kansas.  Then it is city streets to the South out here where we live.

The cars dart in front and around both sides of you as they go faster and are more maneuverable.  But I just press on without giving much way to them.  I know how motor homes are made, and if you hit anything it would cave in and fold up in a heartbeat.  So you have to be somewhat careful.

Tonight I am sitting here contemplating the possibility of going out to see one of my son's on their weekend camp outings, but Loyce is tired and has declared that she might well just stay home. 

Retired Rod


  1. Congrats on getting home safely, Rod. Nothing like driving a big rig in rain and heavy traffic - ugh! We'll be home Saturday morning and are looking forward to it.

  2. I always cringe when I am driving the bus, especially on the bypasses around St Louis & KC with cars darting and cutting in a foot in front of you and then stabbing the brakes, I guess they think a 36000lb bus can stop as fast as their littlr car. Also it seems the speed is way up there instead of the 55 on the signs until you get away from the cities, then besides the occasional maniac everyone is happy with the speed limit or a couple above it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. I find all large cities a nightmare to drive through, unless you can go through early on a Sunday morning. I had the best driving day of my fulltiming life going from Olathe and through KC, over to St. Louis, but I left very early. I had a chance to enjoy that beautiful KC skyline!


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