Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post it Note!

We were out and about all afternoon, once we did not get called into a bay this morning.  We did not expect that we would be called, since they usually notify you the night before.

So with that said, we were off gallivanting all over Northwest Alabama.  Then after eating a meal at a very local "use the term loosely restaurant" we returned back to the park only to find a ordinary yellow post it note on our door that informed us of the need to be at door 8 at 7:00 AM.  That would be all packed up and ready to roll by 7.  As in all slides in hoses stowed, and ready to roll.  I can't ever think of a time we have left a campground at or before 7. 

We are night time owl types, and don't do mornings at all.  So showers will be before bed tonight, and we will be picked up ready to close before lights out.

Perhaps I can work on a blog in the customer service area tomorrow, that is if I can stay away from the fellows fixing things.  I am a repairman by nature, so it will be hard for me not to drive them crazy.

So, the blog needs to be rather short tonight as we still have stuff to get organized.  We will be working inside of cupboards, so they need to be empty of our junk in order to be repaired.  I have also asked to have the paint issues addressed, but I'm sure that is not on tomorrows schedule.

I'll blog more later when our schedule is not up against the wall so much.

Retired Rod

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  1. Make sure you watch those guys so they do the job right Rod! Should be an interesting day.


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