Friday, April 16, 2010

A big paint day.

It's a lot like going to work in the morning, except that I'm not doing the work!  But I still gotta show up!  We arrived out in front of door 20 at 6:55 AM.  They open the door at the exact stroke of 7.  We had to do some motorhome shuffle as another fellow needed to go in the same door, but then across the isle into the paint booth on the West side.

We left promptly once we were parked.  Again we headed over to Katie Kakes for another breakfast.  Too much food!  But we drained the coffee pot for them.   Oh  well, the price covered the coffee.  Afterward we drove over to Fulton, Ms to go to the Wal Mart there.  We picked up some groceries and just enjoyed the drive in the really green trees.

When we got back, I hung around the paint shop and the customer lounge as Loyce went to do our laundry.  She made several friends at the laundry, and we were entertaining each other at the customer lounge.  I wandered all over the place, checking into the Owners Club, and generally bothering anyone I could.

Eventually the painter guy was ready to spray a sealer coat over the finished body work.

Loyce finished the laundry, and we headed out to get a McDonalds and took a leisurely ride out on the Natches Trace parkway to the North.  It is quite interesting as it is a natural park highway that reaches from Nashville, Tn to Natches, Ms.  There are no signs or wires or folks that live along the road.  It is just wilderness.  A road that is considered a park, that is 400 miles long.  We drove about 30.

The speed limit is 50 mph, so you spend time, not make time as you drive.  We went around in a big circle in the woods and returned about 4:30.  By then, our guy had completely painted the entire front end, and was laying down the second coat of clear.

This picture seems to not be clear, but the air was completely fogged with the clear paint.  I snapped the picture and got the heck out of the bay.  Man look at that shine.

We waited about a half hour, and began removing the tape and masking.  Since they wanted to go home, I even helped remove the tape on the mirrors and stuff that wasn't right up against the new paint.  The painter clocked out at 5, but I hung around until 5:30 to let the paint further dry.

I crawled oh so slowly back to the camp site, but it is so terribly dusty that had it been wet at all, we would have had trouble.  I had checked it out to make sure it felt dry, in hidden areas before I left the garage.

Tonight we are really tired.  I fell asleep after we had supper, but had to wake up to post this.  Still its early to bed again tonight, as we have to be over there again at that magic 7 AM hour.

Retired Rod

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  1. At least that looks like an interesting way to watch paint dry, Rod!! Sounds like you and Loyce made the best of day you had. Someday, we'd like to drive that Natchez Trace! Glad to see you rig is all painted up and shiny again. Just remember, no playing 'bumping cars' with your trailer anymore.


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