Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Color me weak!

I went over and put a downstroke on this, this morning.  Its a  new summer, after all.

I'm not sure when we will get back to pick it up, or when we will sell the red one.  Or how I intend to take it with me next winter, but then if I had all these answers I wouldn't have any fun trying to figure it all out!

After I spent the time at the Suzuki shop, I went to the DMV to buy a $22 license for the utility trailer.  Last year I remember needing the car insurance to purchase the trailer license, so I took it along before it made me mad at them.

They have moved to new digs in a more up scale shopping center, and guess what they did to my $22 license?  Ya they added a surcharge of $4 for DMV refurbishment.  Wonder how much that will be when I go buy the big pile of tags in June.  Get ready!

We'll see ya from the highway tomorrow.
 I got the black one, but they had both.  This is a better picture from the side so I posted it.

Retired Rod


  1. Wow! That baby'll get you down the road in a hurry. The black one is nice, congratulations!!

  2. Cool looking bike. That will bring you into the jet age now. My very first bike was a black 650 Suzuki.


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