Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Des Moines to KC

A routine travel day, from Des Moines back to KC.  We were up and packing, but we had almost everything out of its place, so it took us a while to get going.  Loyce likes to load a lot of the stuff into the car so she can carry it into the house more quickly when we get home.

This often times slows our departure, but speeds us up when we arrive.  We had lunch at that same Wendy's in Bethany where we got tangled up with paying on the way up.  The same clerk was there, but if he recognized us, he didn't say anything.

I made double sure we were paid in full before we left the counter though, LOL.

KC is a maze of construction from the North side and thru the downtown area, but even so it seems quicker than going around 435, so we plowed right thru town.  Since it was 3 PM and not later, the evening drive traffic hadn't started yet.

Once we arrived home, we loaded stuff into the house.  We had never completely emptied the rig after we came back from Alabama, since we knew we were headed back out, but this afternoon we emptied it out.  I was bummed at the prospect.

So tonight the rig is in storage and we are stuck at the sticks and bricks for at least two weeks or more. 

I am going to Dayton, Ohio with the ham guys in the middle of May, but have no plans between now and then.  Just the same old stay at home routine.

I wonder how I will keep myself entertained?  But remember that new motorscooter?  I need to go learn how to ride it.  It is much heavier and faster, and requires skills that have yet to be learned.

Now if it will stop raining so I can go and ride, all will be well.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, I could ship ya down my set of training wheels for your bike........:))

  2. Thanks for the offer Al, but lets hope I won't need the wheels. But with that said, it still doesn't feel like the little scoot I have been riding. It will take a few miles to get used to it!


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