Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Ms.

We were out and about today and went over to Tupelo, Mississippi.  Which is of course the birthplace of Elvis Presley!


They lived in this very modest house on the poor East side of town.  His dad and mom were very young when he was born.


They have made a circular walk around the area, and have moved his old church a block or so to be in this museum circle.  They collect money to go into these buildings.


Elvis attended the Assembly of God Church, and this is the original building.  It was moved and used as a residence for a while, but has been moved again to the museum site, and restored as the church based on original photos.  Today they have a 15 minute video which requires a ticket purchased in the gift shop.

In 1948, Elvis moved to Memphis, Tn. in an auto that was much like this one.  The reader board informs that it was either a 1937  or 1939 Plymouth.  This is a 1939 that was provided by a historical auto club.


There is a newer museum that is in a building along with a gift shop.  It is full of memorabilia, including many of the original pictures of the family and some of the show clothing that Elvis was so famous for.

His early life story is nicely portrayed at this facility.  They asked that photos not be taken of the museum pieces, as that would reduce the number of visitors that will attend.  So in honoring that, I hope this will spark enough interest in the museum that you might stop by some day.

Retired Rod


  1. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were right there in that very same spot. Thanks for the photos. I enjoyed seeing it again.

  2. Thanks for the update on Elvis! It's always interesting to see how some of these famous types came from such modest beginnings. Gee...I came from modest beginnings and I'm still not famous. I guess these guys had talent too!!

  3. Elvis had an incredible amount of talent, plus such charisma. Thanks for a glimpse into his early years.


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