Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free At Last!

Thankyou Lord We Are Free At Last!  But not like Dr Martin Luther King said, but rather free of this wonderful repair facility.  Free to move on, but we have to go back to KC.  I have appointments to keep with the motorcycle folks, and Loyce has promised to take care of grand kids.

But spending the last day having the new Diamond Shield installed on the front of the motor home was,,,,well,,,really slow.   We pulled into the service door at 10 AM and the guy wanted to know where the parts were for the wipers.  Seemed as though I didn't have them all.

And then we needed a new name badge that said "Allegro Bay"  since they had wrecked and tossed the old one.  That required a trip to the far end of the building to get the paint guy.  Then we hunted for the service ticket, and finally he got one from the parts crib.

When we got back the the door where our work was proceeding, they had all decided to go to lunch, since they start their day at 6 AM.  Our installation finally started about 12:30.  These folks do not work directly for Tiffin, and it shows.  They do not have a supervisor that checks up on them every little bit, and the day dragged on.

I still had one more window that was in, and needed to be installed.  The window was at service door 8, and the rig was in 47.  But we had to wait until it was after 3 PM for the Diamond Shield people to finish.  Now that's go home time, so I had to beg to get someone to stay after and put the window in.  A couple of guys said OK.

It was 4:30 as I was finally in the office settling the bill. Thankfully the office staff works until later.  The total bill was the price of the Diamond Shield.  $895.  Everything else was covered under warranty.  Even the paint job where I damaged the paint myself.

One of the other customers explained to me that the 3M product that was originally on the front of the MHs was deemed to be ineffective.  And since that wasn't the fault of the customers, Bob Tiffin had declared that the front paint jobs would be on him.  But, they strongly recommend that once fixed, the new paint be protected with the new Diamond Shield.  And since I right away agreed to do the right thing, well....

Anyway, we have had a week and a half of warranty work on everything we could think of.  No questions asked!  Paint work on three out of four sides, and new clear vinyl wrap on the front.  I'm not sure if another company would have stood with us in this fashion.

We are staying the night again tonight, for one last time, and since the diesels will roar again at 7 in the morning, we should be on the road at a fairly good time.

Retired Rod

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  1. It sounds like you have had a very good experience with all the work that was done, but it would be difficult for me to deal with the place, the traffic in and out, appointments, etc. Glad it's over for you and you'll be on your way.


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