Friday, April 9, 2010

We make Red Bay!

We made it!  We are in a boondocking site at the factory for Tiffin Motorhomes.  Well they call it boondocking, but we have 50 amp power and a common hose connection.  We are not on a site, but rather in a parking place that backs up to the big building with all the doors to get stuff fixed.

The coaches on each side of us are about 5 feet away between our extended slides.  But this is free camping while you are here for repairs.  There is barely room to nose in our little Ford Escape, that is Loyce's car that she drives around KC when we are home.  We thought it needed some highway miles, so we brought it out.  It doesn't get too good of mileage, so it is mainly a town car.

If we trade something in to get a car that we can pull with the coach, it will more than likely be this Ford.  We have run the wheels off of the Camry in the last year, so it needs to rest.

We made up our list of stuff that needs repaired and took it over to the folks this afternoon, and a fellow will come by and go thru it with us in the morning.  Well he starts at 7 AM, but there are lines of new people so who knows when we will actually get a visit.  There isn't anywhere to go other than up town anyway, so we will sit tight.

Most of you know that we tend to stay up all night, and do not do too well getting up in the morning, so we are going to have to mend our ways while we are here in Camp Red Bay! They expect you to be ready to move at 7 AM because that is when they start.  The fellow in repair told me that they wouldn't get anything done otherwise.  A mentality I am sure!

There are hundreds of Tiffin products all lined up in a row on several rows of camp sites.  They again are just white rock parking places, but they have Full Hook Ups.   Also they tend to have a little more room to park your toad car along side. This is not a "get your bar be que out with the lawn chair" kind of place.

Still there is a laundry and bathrooms and showers for those that do not have sewer.  And about a gazillion doors on the big repair building.  I am told that there is a customer service waiting area down mid way on the East side of the building, but I haven't walked down that way yet.

I have read about others that have spent some time here, and it didn't mean too much to me, but now that we are actually walking the walk, the reality of this facility strikes home.  But we need things fixed!  Even if it costs a bundle.  But I'm certain a lot of it is warranty.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

So for now we are boondocking it with 50 amp power and water.  LOL not exactly what I would call boondocking.  But we are not considered as having a site, since we are not on a pull thru rather a backin,  and we do not have sewer.

We drove here from Sikeston, Mo mostly on very rural roads that were two lanes or state road four lanes.  At one point we had to follow the highway right down town to a city square and make the right turn to the South in a narrow street.  There was no bypass around this town in Tennessee.  We stopped at the Wal Mart on the outskirts and made some lunch.  A trip inside netted some additional groceries.  We could have stayed longer, but pressed on.

We were in four states today waking up in Missouri, then traveling to Tennessee, Mississippi and finally into Alabama when we reached Red Bay.  The town city limit is also the state line.

That is what I know for now, but the adventure unfolds!

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck with the repair jobs - hope the warranty covers most of it. I guess if you have to boondock, having 50am power is the way to do it!

  2. Hey Rod, we have an escape also a v-6, I have to agree with you it gets lousy mileage for a little car, barely 16 most of the time when you compare that to 19 on my Duramax 4x4 without the trailer it is even worse to swallow, besides that it has 160000 miles on a 2002 model and we just now had to replace the shift lever cable,otherwise it has stayed away from the shop,Good luck on your repairs from what I have heard Tiffen is a good company to deal with. be safe, Sam & Donna


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