Thursday, February 10, 2011

70 degrees again!

Another really nice day here if you ignore the wind gusts to 15 mph.  The sun is warmer now, as the earth tips back toward it.  Even though it is trying to be cold, down here in Arizona it is not getting the job done as well.

They are forecasting the mid to low thirties at night, but it only lasts an hour or so in the early morning.  But with that said, it is still quite cool on the motorscooter.  I had to wear a sweat shirt under the protection jacket, and the wind still went right thru.  That didn't stop me though!

I did crawl back under the coach with my extension cord and battery charger.  I hooked it up on the new batteries since I am not starting and using the motor everyday.  Mike McFall sent me the website for a charger that connects the house battery inverter to the starting batteries, but I haven't made the purchase order yet.  Will probably wait until I get back to KC on that one.  I have all my tools and electrical wiring stuff there.

In the mean time the charger is set on 10 Amps to bring them up slowly, and it has a 2 amp setting to float them once we get there.  Actually the charger will shut itself down when they are charged.

I was back out at Sam's Club, where I got into a big discussion on the Verizon phone and tethering to replace the air card and router.  But I wasn't convinced that the salesman knew what he was trying to tell me.  I will not try to report anything until I am confident about what I think I know.

Today is my oldest son Chris' birthday, it seems like only yesterday but he is now old like a tree.  What does that say about me?

Happy Birthday Chris!

Retired Rod


  1. The salesman didn't know what he was talking about? Amazing!! Glad to hear our coach batteries are all in and charging up.

  2. Rod,
    Glad your batteries are working!

    Mac & I both tether our Verizon Droids to our Laptops and it really works well. We us

    We are keeping our aircard as we are just using the tethering as a backup rith now so we don't go over our 5g monthl limit. We come close every month since Mac & I are both on the internet quite a bit but so far we have lucked ot with no overage charges.

    Just wanted to chime in on the Tethering thing...most of the people that work in booths don't know The Verizon companystore reps usually are more informed.



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