Sunday, February 20, 2011

The South Winds of Tex........Arizona!!

Is this South Texas?  The wind here is blowing a gale, with the palm trees leaning over and the fronds all headed North in a straight out fashion.

I remember Rick over in Desert Hot Springs carping about the wind blowing his hat off a couple of days ago, so perhaps he sent all that over here!!

The slide toppers flap and flop. Especially the ones over the big slide on the drivers side of the coach.  There is a half gallon of milk on the kitchen counter, and I am watching the liquid slosh back and forth inside the container.  The big mat outside on the ground has blown up over the lawn chairs and table.  The motorscooter is parked on top of it so it can't blow away.

The sky is an eerie green color and nasty overcast looking darker up toward the mountains.  The garbage buckets are all out along the road as this is garbage day, but the wind has blown many of them over. It won't be too long before we have bags all over the place.

If you want to come up with an invention for the RV industry, I would think a replacement slide topper that doesn't flop in the wind, would be an instant success.

Mid afternoon, and the rains came.  At first wind driven, but then as the rain picked up, the wind died.  I am not sure the official amount of rain, but it had to be an inch or more.  The streets turn into rivers here in the RV park.

Since it never rains very much here in the desert, these places seem to never have storm sewers.  Or even much of  a curb along the streets as well.  The rain runs down the center of the street toward the West.  There is a large drainage ditch on the East side of the 202 expressway.  At that end of the park, the streets become rivers.  I drove around some learning where water is a problem.

If we come back here next year, we need to know where not to take a site.   January can become rainy in some years here in the desert, and last year was almost an all time record for rain.  This year I think it has rained hard maybe twice.

We are thinking of possible heading out of here next week.  Our rent is paid until March 3rd but we are booth really tired of this location.  Not that there is anything wrong with this park, because there isn't, but we have worn it all out now.

We'll see how that works out!

Retired Rod


  1. Do you think the slide toppers are really worth all the flapping everyone complains about? I didn't have them on my 5th wheel, and from what I've heard about them I don't think I would want them.

    Look on the bright side - when it's raining at least it's not blowing dust into everything!

  2. We got beat up pretty bad by the wind down here in southeastern Arizona as well but at least no rain & the wind wasn't cold. It is still going on this morning but to a lesser degree. I think we'll head out anyway & see how it goes. Like you, we are way overdue for a little travel time & an area location change....

  3. Even though we are not traveling yet, we have talked about what we would like to do when we get on the road. Right now, we don't plan on staying anywhere for more than a few weeks or a month tops. Of course, who knows what the reality will be when we are actually out there, but I think I would get tired of being in the same place for much longer than that.

  4. A bad case of hitch itch??? We too are getting a mild case.

  5. Sounds like we got out of Dodge (Phoenix) just at the right time. Here in Tucson (at least at Catalina State Park), we had strong gusts of wind and around 500 drops of rain - not too bad. :) The temperature took a nosedive last night, though.

    I sure understand about the hitch itch - you've been in one spot for a LONG time. So nice to get a change of scenery... and good for your rig to get rolling!

  6. Let us know if you are leaving we were thinking of making a trip and meeting you guys for lunch of something.


  7. I love the slide toppers. They keep a lot of leaves, and twigs from getting on the slide. They also save lots of work cleaning the slides off.

  8. When we bought our new 5'er last fall, we were extremely happy to see the unit we wanted did not have slide toppers. They're pretty useless down here in the desert as the wind blows any debris off anyway.

    We've still got the remnants of some more wind to send your way. It's supposed to be calm tomorrow - let's hope so.

  9. Some Rvers put beach balls, inner tubes or large pool noodles to stop their toppers from flapping, but there are items sold especially for that.

    The only drawbacks are, getting up on a ladder, and remembering to take them out again.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  10. We find the drawback to the pool noodle idea is where to store them while you are traveling down the road.

    You need some fairly large around foam logs, and our slides are about 12 feet long on the drivers side and almost the same on the kitchen side, so where do you stuff such an item to travel. They get dirty as well so putting them inside is a nasty thing too.

  11. As the pool noodles won't work, how about inner tubes, with a string attached. Push them to the center with a broom stick.
    At least they can be rinsed off, deflated, and stored in a plastic bag in a basement
    I have never had that problem, so just trying to come up with ideas.

    Some things you just have to grin and bear it, if there is no easy solution.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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