Thursday, February 17, 2011

Croonin up a tune and cookin dogs.

I was having a very peaceful morning with the door open right at 9 AM.  The weather was mild and the overcast that was forecast hadn't arrived.  Yet anyway.

Loyce was off over to the quilt room for an hour or so while I cleaned up and drained the tanks.  I like to drain the tanks and flush several times and then go inside and take a shower. The soapy water from the shower goes on thru the hose after the black water cleaning things up.  Well in theory anyway.

About noon, I began hearing folks talking sort of loud, like they were talking on a microphone system.  What's up with that?  Then I heard music again over the loud speakers.  What's going on here.

Remember we are backed up against the new park model row of rigs for sale.  And it didn't take long to realize that we were having some sort of a sales day.  They had two gas grills out with dogs and brats going.  They had easy ups set up and a singer was warming up his voice on the PA.  He was questionable at best.

About that time a friend called from Des Moines on Skype, and Loyce left again for the quilt room.  This time she took the car.  I lasted about an hour on skype, but then had to beg off in order to go get a sandwich.  I explained that I needed to get away from this nice music and my friend from Iowa readily agreed.  Even over the computer he could here the wonderful loud entertainment.

As I left on the motorscooter, I went around the block and in front of the tables set up and saw maybe 40 folks eating the dogs and enjoying the music.  People were walking down the street, coming to get the free food.  Say free food in an RV park, and see what happenes next.

For me it was a signal that I needed to split from here really fast.  I went and paid for lunch and rode the scooter for about 2 hours total.  Couldn't come home to that wonderful entertainment!

I rode all the way over to Queen Creek and Alma School.  That is half way to Maricopa where JB and Brenda bought their new Dogpatch South.  The sky got really cloudy, and I decided that being so far away on the bike with skies that could present rain was not a wise thing, so I turned around.

By the time I got back here at almost 5 PM, hot dog eating and bad western singin had come mercifully to a close.

Retired Rod


  1. I'm not very picky about many things but when it comes to music I draw a hard & fast line in the sand with no exceptions. Some local on a makeshift sound system would drive me out of town as well. We once changed locations in Quartzsite because I could hear 'Opera' strains coming from somebody's Boombox about half a mile away. I have zero tolerance when it comes to 'other people's music!!'

  2. You should have kept coming, we always have hot dogs ready for the fire and Meg and I could probably put together a howling good rendition of some song or another for you down here at "Dogpound South"

  3. Good decision to get outta Dodge during the hot dog and cowboy show! Sounds like didn't get the howlin' winds we did yesterday either.

  4. I could do without the loud music, but the dogs sounded pretty good. That is the way it is here at our camp. They have some older folks come in for the jam sessions, but all the music sounds the same to me. Some of the beats a little faster, but it all sounds the same.


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