Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slow Tuesday

We only made 78 or so this afternoon, and as usual when it is less than 80 outside, we didn't need the A/C.  I'm sure that will be short lived here in the Phoenix area, as it gets quite warm in March.  But for now, we have another cool front going thru for the next several days.

Thursday and Friday are to be days with a high of 69 and some chances of rain.  If you can believe the National Weather Service.  Of course they miss a bunch of the time, and it never rains here in Phoenix, so I won't hold out much hope.  A good shower would wash down a lot of dust though.

Just in case, I put the cover over the motorscooter after I got back home this afternoon.  I didn't do any RV park scouting today, and mostly hung around the house.  Its just so peaceful here in the park, and everyone is out walking and having parties at their sites.  But I'm not into that much.

Mid afternoon, we got another couple moved in on our drivers side, and I've lost count how many neighbors that makes.  They seem to stay about a week and then move on.

Mid morning we lost our neighbors across the street from Ontario.  They had an Allegro Bus that got broadsided on the way here from Canada.  I think it was in Louisville, which caused them to defer to Red Bay, Al for massive repairs.  He kept leaving his site here and then returning a few days later.  I learned yesterday that they were going to the Cumins dealer to have repairs done to their engine.  He felt it was due to the accident.  But the Cumins warranty was picking up the Tab.  A new turbo charger would have cost $4K.

They left today for the FMCA Rally to be held in Perry, Ga.  But he felt that they needed Red Bay to go over their coach again as things are failing.  How do you prove that is was because of an accident, when your Hydro Hot suddenly decides to quit?  He was also losing transmission fluid and antifreeze.  Or they were mixing together and ending up in the wrong equipment.  Something is still broken.  Our heart went out to them, as they left for points East of here.  Lets hope they make it.

Loyce was off to a sewing class tonight, and she said it was very crowded.  They were making bags from fat quarters, and some of the ladies had to rip out their work to get it right.  She came home after a while, because it was too crowded to get a sewing machine.  But then the class only cost 50 cents, so it is hard to think it was bad.

Other than watch TV that was about all we did today, other than watch the birds fly overhead!

Retired Rod


  1. Sorry to hear about your friends unfortunate accident, and like you said you just know the insurance company will jump right up to fix it like it was.Glad to see you guys are enjoying better weather. The snow is almost gone hear after three really mild days and today is supposed to be in the sixty's.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. That's too bad about the Allegro! You just have to wonder if it'll ever be the same after that kind of accident.

    The wind's howling thru here this afternoon - no rain or anything like that though, just good old gusty winds.


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