Monday, February 14, 2011

Inside out of the Sun!

With my legs burned to medium well, I decided that it must be an inside day.  Now mind you it was 79 this afternoon, and we had all the doors and windows open and the inside oscillating fan running on high.  By mid morning, all of it was running as the inside of the motorhome became quite warm.

It was a computer day for me, as I determined that I had exceeded the storage space on my email providers web server.  That meant that emails were being returned as undeliverable.  Since I query the server with several computers and a blackberry, I maintain the messages on the providers server and manually remove them when I have them all downloaded.

But since I have been here in Arizona, I have not been able to check into the server over the internet to clear the cache.  I worked on getting in for over an hour, and then backed away to think about what my problem could be.

In the meantime, we had another watch sale running on the Invicta web site.  And it wasn't running too well, as they seem to still have problems with their servers.  The problem seems to be load balancing.  They change to a new item for sale, and everyone clamors to be first to see the new watch, and then record their purchase before quantities run out.  So the race is on once an item is released.

That creates unbelievable loads on the company's servers.  I am certain that they use a provider, and possibly a new provider that had no idea what they were in for.  While the servers went down during peak loads, it causes malfunctions in the point of sale software, and multiple charges to credit cards occur.  So far I haven't had that problem.

So while putting up with that fun time, and trying to get onto the email server, my mind was quite challenged most of the afternoon.  Finally I decided that I had been barred from the email system for too many log on attempts.  So I called the customer service at the email company in KC.

That fellow reset my password, and I still couldn't get in.  He asked what browser I was using, and when I answered Chrome, he said that's your problem. Google doesn't honor all of the java calls that are necessary, use Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Well I had been trying Firefox also without luck.  What version?  4.08 I think.  Well you can't make that work either!

It seems that you have to use 3.8 or something older, that I didn't even have on my computer anymore. So I had to resort to Internet Explorer, that I never ever even start up.  It had to update itself for about a half an hour once I started the program.

After that, I was in, and spent another hour managing emails.  A nice way to say deleting them!  So the day got away from me, and I wasn't out in the sun.  That is until I couldn't stand it any longer, and went for another sandwich, on the motorscooter.  And then to Wal Mart for an item to keep me out of the dog house, since tomorrow is Valentines Day.

Hey its after midnight right now, so HAPPY Valentines Day!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Now there's a twist - you have to go back to an old outdated version of I.E. to get something to work. Seems to me that most outfits would be changing to meet the new browser specs.

    I was having a similar problem with my ISP and a quite a while ago I gave up and switched to Gmail - no problems since.

    Good luck staying cool!

  2. I keep plugging along with hotmail, but I do clean my email accounts up pretty often.


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