Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quite Cool here!

Swiped from Al over at the Bayfield Bunch, "Could be in for a few mighty boring days until this storm front moves out of the area." 

That about sums up the activity here in Mesa today! We struggled to get to 60 degrees and it kept raining ever little bit. I did turn off the heat, but went and put on my long pants and a long sleeve T shirt when the heat was gone.

Loyce headed out to do her errands and Wal Mart run, and I was still involved with the computer stuff. But then after a while, I got hungry. I changed into a sweatshirt and my motor cycle overpants and jacket to head over to the Wendy's. I did notice that it was quite black off to the West, but reasoned that I would make it back before it rained.

Once I had the lunch all spread out on the table, I noticed that it was raining quite heavily outside. Ug, wet motor scooter seat! It turned out worse than that, as it never stopped for the next half hour. And now it was 55 outside.

So riding back in the rain, without rain gear, makes for wet clothes. I parked and came inside and stripped the wet stuff. Of course in the next half hour, the sun came back out and it warmed back up into the 60s. That's just how things go sometimes.

Spent the next half hour with the chamois drying all the water off of the bike.  Makes for a nasty mess.  And the rain has messed up all the work I did with the solution  on the motorhome as well.

So we have watched some TV, and waited for the really big box from my son in Kansas from the UPS man. And kept ourselves busy digging thru the mail and working with a computer picture frame that he sent as a present.  Thanks Ben!

Also, he sent the replacement watch that I received from the last sunday run. So I had to set that all up and size the bracelet with the jewelers tools, that I barely know how to use.  It will add to the collection quite nicely.

Now its after 10 PM, and we have to get some heat on in here because the temps are dropping quickly outside. We are headed to 39 tonight and even colder tomorrow night. Will winter give up one of these days?

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, that getting caught in the rain on a bike is not nice. First time I was on a highway with traffic & the raindrops were stinging my face so spotted a country road & figured I would get out of the traffic & get slowed down a bit. The road was gravel & boy, was that ever a wrong decision. I never had a wreck but boy, was I ever a wreck by the time I got home!!

  2. We haven't had any rain here at all since we arrived and the big wind we had Sunday is gone too. It's supposed to get cooler for the next day or so, hope that's all. This morning is quiet, sunny and looks to be a nice day - who knows?

    Rain and motorcycles are not a good mix. When I had a small Yamaha, I tried never to ride in the rain as I wasn't a very experienced rider.

  3. Yes, we are getting hit with the Arctic blast also. We came to Texas to stay warm, but have been sadly disappointed this year. Stay warm.


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